Velvet 2

I’m trying out a filter that either really fits with the theme of the piece, or just makes everything look blurry and weird. I don’t know which it is either but if you have an opinion let me know. Anyway while this drawing features a lot less uhm…objects than my usual drawings I still like it for the strange psychedelic lines that keep going all … Continue reading Velvet 2

Velvet 1

Either I forgot to take process pictures during this one or I somehow lost them, so this drawing is going to be a two-parter before the glamour photo. Which could be either good or bad, you tell me. But right now we got a mermaid fairy hanging out in wither some really cool architecture, or an acid induced fever dream. Yay ^^ So there you … Continue reading Velvet 1

Serenity wait what happened to the colours?

Tada! So yeah I got a slightly different light source on this one making it even more blueish. So of course I want to make a glamour photo with realistic colours. But this is it, the “final version” that is until the glamour photo comes out. But it’s the version with all the pieces coloured in. And well, I don’t know about you but I’m kind … Continue reading Serenity wait what happened to the colours?