Allow me to tell you a story,

A story of a girl who had to take the train to school. Two hours to, two hours from.
Four hours a day spend on the same old chair while the same old scenery flashed by.
This wasn’t a problem.
This girl liked to draw, and armed with pencil and paper she spend countless hours drawing. Copying pretty girls from pictures on her phone and giving them awesome stories while doing it.
But phones have limited battery.
Which poses a problem to a girl who relies on the pictures on her phone.
And once that phone was empty, she would be bored.

Until one day she decided.
All right, screw it, I’m just going to draw whatever.

This is where it started. This freeform decorative drawing which I’m now specialised at.

[025] 04-01-18
Sure the oval got added because corners are tough to deal with (and I simply have a strange affinity for the shape)
The series got called Gibberish, as a sort of visual nonsense that’s not even trying to make sense. And there came a couple of rules to define the style:

  • Start off with an oval (I have a template for this to ensure uniformity)
  • Draw at least one +/- 7 mm wide line from top to bottomĀ 
  • fill the remaining space with drawings
  • All drawings must be improvised and without use of examples or research

And that’s it, feel free to look around. The blog is where I keep people updated on te progress of new drawings, and the Lineart and Coloured art tabs are there for finished products.

Have fun ^^